Tips for Playing League of Legends

Having a victory in League of Legends can be one of the most rewarding experiences. it also takes a lot of practice to be able to do rack in those wins. Below there are some tips on becoming a better player in LoL.

Learn the ropes of one champion

It can be overwhelming to pick a champion since there are over one-hundred-and-thirty different options to choose from. It can be very difficult to learn how to play all of them like a champion.

When you start learning how to play with a champion, you can start to assess your skill level by focusing on the possible matchups and item builds. Having a great understanding of one champion is better than rotating fifty and not knowing how to play any of them.


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Play with your friends

One of the best tips to improve your win streak in League of Legends is to play matches with your friends. When you play with friends it’s easier to collaborate because you are familiar with speaking to them.

The bond you have with your friends makes it easier to rationalize decisions while practicing. Also, it is common for random people to join a game and AFK or they rage the entire match.

When you play with someone you know you minimize your chances of playing with people who make playing difficult.

Test Your Ping/connection Before a match

It is important to make sure you are not lacking before a game, especially a ranked match. if you ever joined a game and noticed your ping is higher then unusual and causing you to lag during the match, this is a signal that your connection is not good enough or you are having technical issues with your internet.

It is beneficial to check if your internet is capable of handling a ranked match so that you can avoid letting your team down.

Before deciding to play a ranked match, you can use websites such as which allows you to check your connection or any problems you may have before you join a match. if your ping is higher than usual then it is best to avoid playing any matches unless you want to upset your teammates

Be Nice

It goes a long way to be considerate in game. Before getting mad at your team, if they have made a bad play, think about the effect you might have on them by losing your cool. Try to keep a positive mindset.

Maximize Your Skills By Reading More Guides

Something to consider if you want to continue improving your gaming skills in LoL is reading guides to study and maximize your skill.

There are plenty of free resources on the internet that have instructions from professional players. Use these resources to find tips and advice to apply to your in-game knowledge.

All these resources have very general material as well as more specific guides written by those who know the game fairly well. Before reading a guide thoroughly makes sure it is up to date with the game because they won’t be of much use if they’re old.

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